Classical Archaeology


The Randolph College Classics Department’s small study collection of antiquities consists of objects of daily life, mostly Roman, purchased and donated to the department for teaching purposes by Dr. Herbert Lipscomb, Professor of Classics at Randolph College. The collection includes coins, small bronzes, terracottas, ceramics, inscriptions and building materials. The rest of the collection is archaeological and includes published fragments of glass, pottery, metal and building materials from Dr. Susan Stevens’ excavations at Carthage (Tunisia) on loan for scientific study from the Musée nationale de Carthage and the Institut national du Patrimoine (Tunis). Archaeological assemblages of human and animal bone, also from Carthage excavations, are housed with RC’s Natural History Collections.

These catalogs are currently in process. Links will be made active as materials are made available online:





Animal Bone

Human Remains

Other Artifacts